Shipment Services

K2 Corporate Mobility provide one point of contact throughout international relocations, presenting corporate clients with three options of 'bid'. Each individual service package is compiled and managed by K2,  hand picking Partners by their high service standards to perfectly fit the policy and culture of our clients.

Transparent pricing

By providing a policy specific 'cost-calculator', K2 enable global mobility teams to produce accurate cost estimates from day one. Following one, independent survey, we compile three quotations for you to review, choosing the package which best suits your assignee and budget.
We guarantee to beat the cost calculator on each occasion, giving you daily savings against budget.


Sole accountability

Upon approval, our inhouse team book and manage the shipping package of your choice, often consisting up of up to 7 vendors. We provide one point of accountability and contact to both you and your assignee throughout the relocation. Our regional offices ensure that we have 100% coverage of all time zones, and local knowledge to support assignees.

Behind the scenes, K2's GMS qualified teams audit and monitor our partners- individually selected through our Global Approved Partner Programme.


Control and reporting

Our client focused teams will continually reassess your corporate needs, understanding, communicating and policing your policy, tracking and reporting on all exceptions, savings and trends via our Ascent technology platform.