K2 Clear Insurance

Demonstrating our continuous focus for innovation and simplicity, K2 Corporate Mobility developed an idiosyncratic insurance product.

We provide fully comprehensive, door-to-door, all risks insurance coverage. K2 Clear Insurance only requires items valued over £1000 to be listed, and there is no limit on any item. Value and premium calculation are based on the volume shipped, which means K2 are able to be totally up front and transparent with our costs prior to approval.

In house escalation

Within 24 hours of damage notification, insurance claims are assessed by K2's in-house client services consultants. The consultants are empowered to settle claims up to £1000 in-house, expediting the claims process and maintaining a clear line of accountability.



Our claim forms are clear, simple and allow a 30 day window for completion. Our in-house negotiator is at hand to guide assignees through the form, and K2's insurance policy covers new for old, mould and mildew damage and pairs and sets.


Clear timeframes

K2 can immediately settle any claims up to £1000 ($1500). Over £1000, K2 will present a settlement within 7 days of submission. K2 will always endeavour to make payment within 7 days of acceptance, allowing assignees to minimise disruption in their host locations.