Global Mobility Network

Having supported 22,000 relocations in more than 160 countries, K2 Corporate Mobility's purchasing power and quality based selection process ensures that we have the independence to manage and develop our growing global partner network.

We are totally independent from our global mobility partners, allowing us to provide truly autonomous advice and recommendations, and to never settle for second best.

We record and analyse feedback from every relocation, collating quantitative data from assignees, HR teams, and our own Client Services Consultants to report on and assess service delivery.

Our Partner Network

Our continually evolving partner network spans 160 countries, and brings together over 600 global mobility specialists. Our mobility network ranges from shipping, freight and delivery agents to traditional DSPs such as home search, school search and orientation consultants, and travel, tax, immigration and visa experts.

Partner Selection

K2 Corporate Mobility’s network of relocation companies expands organically, in response to client need, group projects or economic trends. In 2013 and 2014, we have continued to grow our network, establishing relocation partners in Myanmar, Panama and the British Virgin Islands. All of our partners are selected based upon the quality of the services that they provide, rather than cost, and are selected through our fully independent and non-reciprocal process:

  • Research and screening of potential partners is conducted by our in-house Vendor Manager, and partners are initially identified through referrals from within our network.
  • We conduct due diligence with pre-qualification screening questionnaires, collating references and investigating financial stability and internal sense checks. Service level agreements are put in to place to ensure that our partners have a complete understanding of K2 Corporate Mobility’s performance standards.
  • A trial period commences, under direct observation of our Vendor Management and Client Services teams, and our potential partners are evaluated and scored.
  • A thorough implementation process ensures that once approved, all of our partners are supported with contractual documentation, integrated in to our Ascent technology platform, and work in collaberation with K2 Corporate Mobility to uphold our high service values.  

Ongoing partner management

Upon successful completion of K2 Corporate Mobility’s selection programme, we continue to support, evaluate and monitor the performance of our partners. Our technology platform tracks quantitative feedback from internal K2 stakeholders, assignees and combines this with scoring based upon invoicing accuracy and insurance claims to produce a total, independent score based upon service. Our continued 360 partner evaluation comprises of:

  • Reporting: allowing us to reward our partners and select truly best in class experts.
  • Benchmarking and auditing: ensuring that our clients can have complete confidence in the value of our partners.
  • Incentivising: we reward exceptional performance with charitable donations to good causes, ensuring sustainable development in our countries of operation.

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