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COVID-19 Risk Assessment Pathway

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Pathway

A guide for global mobility professionals

2020 has presented unforeseen challenges across industry and geography for the business, HR and global mobility professionals.

Moving into the final quarter of the year, these multifaceted challenges have not gone away — and look likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Global assignments require careful consideration and planning, more so than we have seen before. To assist and support organisations navigating the risks as they prepare for future international assignments or re-assignments, K2 Advisory have developed the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Pathway

A fully comprehensive, practical tool

This pathway is a comprehensive tool to assist with identifying potential issues and aid decision making in a COVID-19 world. Think of the document as a very detailed checklist that has been created to help you tackle this uncharted time by prompting questions, highlighting potential concerns and risk areas, flagging considerations and proposing actions.

The tool will help you evaluate whether you have considered the necessary actions to ensure support and plans are in place for an employee to start or re-commence an international assignment,  amidst the pandemic.

The risk assessment incorporates nine categories

Business decisions, assignee decisions, assignment compliance, travel, accommodation & subsistence, work location, local information, contingency plans and terminated assignments.

Each category includes multiple considerations and questions, with guidance on preferable actions and desired outcomes, as well as indicating responsibilities and accountability.

To take a closer look at the business category contained within the tool, simply download the PDF overview below.

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The document’s categories identify and raise questions for consideration around compliance, safety and employer duty of care, as they relate to global mobility. It also suggests who might reasonably be responsible or accountable for delivering the required action or outcome.

How you can use to tool to assist Global Mobility

This pathway is not intended to be prescriptive, rather it can be adapted and tailored to meet your organisations needs, based on relevance and the level to which preparations are already underway. There are no right or wrong ways to use the document, it has been developed as a tool to assist you as you navigate the realms of questions and decisions that need to be considered during this time. 

The pathway can be utilised in its entirety, alternatively critical key areas have been extracted to provide a focus where time or resource is a challenge. However it is used, it will serve as an invaluable internal tool to assist global mobility, HR and the business to ensure mobility readiness.

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