Worldwide footprint

With offices on four continents, and approved partners in over 160 countries, K2 Corporate Mobility offer truly global assignment and relocation support.

Reactive and proactive

In 2013, 75% of our new business was gained through word of mouth. We are constantly expanding our global network- most recently visiting key growth locations such as Myanmar to source and select partner companies. With planned operations in Australia and South America, we hope to continue our strong rate of growth and development around the globe. 

Through our network of 600 partners, we manage risk  whilst offering clients global resources. Our drive to adapt to the needs of our clients has previously directly led to the establishment of K2 Corporate Mobility in Stockholm (to meet the needs to a telecoms giant), and South Africa (meeting the requirements of a global brewer). 

Our strong network enables us to quickly and easily adapt to client need, whilst optimising opportunities in growth markets.

Local expertise

Our regional teams speak over 15 languages on a daily basis, undertaking short term assignments to develop their understanding of localities. 

By upskilling employees we are better equipped to manage our local service providers- from shipping, freight and customs clearance to destination service providers to home and school search consultants, tax and immigration experts.

Our in-house advisory team support mobility functions, sharing knowledge and advice from their combined experience in mobility/ HR teams.