K2 Corporate Mobility are truly independent, ensuring that our packages provide the best value for global mobility teams. Our partners are selected based upon the quality, cost and efficiency of their service, completely free of bias. We work directly on behalf of our clients, applying due diligence in our partner selection and maintenance programme, driving service delivery, and communicating efficiencies through our Ascent platform.

Technology: Ascent

Ascent offers our clients instant and total visibility of assignment costs, services, and data. With live reporting and total visibility, we empower global mobility teams to view, assess and analyse service delivery.

Partner selection

Our worldwide network of over 600 partners enables us to work on your behalf, selecting truly best-in-class service providers, conducting due diligence and reducing risk with our Partner Selection Programme. We recommend service providers based upon the quality of their services, which we monitor through our Ascent technology platform. We don’t hold any reciprocal agreements with partners, selecting based upon value, rather than cost. Read more here.

Risk management

Our in-house Advisory team helps clients to identify and mitigate business risks, working through their end to end process with analytical accuracy, and providing business ready solutions. 

K2 surveys

Holding just one, autonomous survey means that we can compile shipping quotations based upon corroborated volumes, restrictions and conditions, ensuring value for our clients. We train and employ independent surveyors, who guarantee K2 Corporate Mobility's quality when meeting with assignees. 

Ascent portal: K2 Corporate Mobility's Spend Summary, centralising costs. Click to view.


Spend summary approach

For each assignment, we compile one ‘bid summary’, presenting accurate costs for an assignee’s relocation. Our shipping services team obtain multiple quotations from our approved packing, freight, customs and delivery agents, allowing us to piece together three alternative service packages for HR teams. We discuss the package options with you, advising on package selection based upon service value.

Cost comparisons can be viewed, approved or rejected instantly, on Ascent, our case-management platform, and each associated invoice can then be tracked, downloaded or printed.