Vendor Review

Our extensive supplier network combined with our position of objectivity results in enhanced performance, compliance and cost savings.

Our advisory services team have extensive experience working with and managing vendors across the global mobility remit. We can assist with evaluating and reviewing current vendor relationships, service levels and cost, and assist with the review/ RFP process.

Our reviews assess:

  1. Services
    • Completing a service level review of current vendors.
    • Define and implement agreed, transparent SLA’s and KPI’s.
    • Providing a vendor market review and recommendations.
  2. Cost
    • Performing a cost review in line with agreed vendor services.
    • Assisting with a market cost review to ensure value for money.
  3. Selection, Review & RFP
    • Identifying rationale for vendor selection or review.
    • Coordinating vendor selection and managing vendor review or RFP process.