Corporate & Social Responsibility

We take a true interest in the personal development of all staff members, and apply this ethos for all interaction and influence that K2 Corporate Mobility have on our surrounding communities.

In 2013 and 2014, we integrated our values in several areas of the globe:


100% of our employees participate in charity work. In 2013, fundraising events included a London to Paris cycle event, and Pittsburgh’s ‘Breath of Life’ city walk. Teams in the UK, USA and Sweden raised and donated over £10,000 for charities including the Rainbow Trust, Cribs for Kids, and Medicines Sans Frontiers. 

Alongside our partnered charities, our teams nominate causes close to their hearts, to raise money at ad hoc regional events.


Cribs for Kids

Cribs For Kids


Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust


Medecins sans frontieres

Médecins sans Frontières

Personal Development

Gaining qualifications and life experiences is paramount to building the confidence and satisfaction of our teams. In 2013, K2 Corporate Mobility sponsored 60% of our UK Client Services team to acheive the ERC's ‘Global Mobility Specialist’ qualification, with the majority of the team qualifying in 2014. Along with GMS, our employees are undertaking PRINCE2 and language training- 25 languages are spoken on a daily basis in our global offices.
We are always keen to hear from proactive graduates with a passion for variety, to take part in our K2 Talent Programme. The one year programme provides outstanding graduates with a fast-paced and widely varied development plan, covering every aspect of management; from client services excellence to finance, team leadership and partner selection.

Ethical Influence

As an entity employing over 900 partners, we are mindful of our impact in each society across the 160 countries in which we operate. From Switzerland to Mogadishu, we agree consistent and fair service level agreements with our partners. Our agreements are designed to ensure that all team members are treated with the same standards, throughout our vendor network. We focus on fairness and providing the best possible quality and value for money to our clients.

Green Incentives

The cost of placing an employee into an international assignment is estimated to be up to four times the cost of their usual employment. Decisions to place assignees are never taken lightly, and we apply the same diligence to managing the environmental impact of relocations. We have established the following schemes to help us reach our goal:

Reducing carbon footprints:

Following decades of a withering toll on the environment, the face of shipping is changing. EU regulations and the implementation of mandatory efficiencies by the IMO are gradually driving shipping lines to reduce environmental impact. We select freight agents who proactively demonstrate a drive to reduce carbon footprints from Maersk (whose introduction of larger vessels and optimised sailing speeds are expected to reduce the carbon emissions of each container by 50%), to Virgin Atlantic airlines, who target reducing their carbon footprint by 30%.

At home, we holds Webex seminars to optimise training and communication between offices, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of our directors. We consider fuel efficiency when selecting company vehicles and source products locally for each of our offices.

K2 Corporate Mobility's Blue Box Initiative

As we approach our 19,000th managed relocation, it is frightening to visualise the cardboard packing boxes these have entailed.
In 2009 we took decisive steps to aid our partners in reducing waste. We purchased reusable, tough and lightweight Blue Boxes and distributed these to our vendors, aiming to achieve a zero waste record on some relocations. Blue Boxes have been a brilliant success and are currently moving around the world on K2 assisted assignments with the aim of never making an ‘unfilled’ journey.

Electronic Impact

We ruthlessly enforce a low electricity policy in all of our offices. You will never find an empty K2 office with lighting turned on, or a deserted desk with a computer on standby. This ethos runs throughout the company, from CEO through to the administrator, and all play a fantastic role in reducing our Carbon Footprint.