Take the Lead On Agility To Succeed Through Brexit with K2

Now that article 50 has been triggered, is your organisation prepared to remain flexible and agile in the face of Brexit?

Being prepared and agile in uncertain times has always been a critical success factor for business. In the face of the current level of upheaval in the global economy, now is the time for businesses to embrace competence if they are to make the most of the opportunities that change presents.

As Nick Plummer, Group CEO and co-founder of K2 Corporate Mobility said in his recent interview with Smith & Williamson; “Agility is an asset that businesses should always have, but it’s particularly relevant now.”

In the full interview, ‘Scaling up through agility and mobility’, Nick explores the value of proactive planning for global businesses to adapt and succeed in today’s changing international landscape.

“If you’re happy to stick with the status quo and let things happen to you, instead of making things happen, you are going to increase your commercial risk and pressures on your business. If they’re going to succeed, businesses need to take the lead.” - Nick Plummer, CEO K2 Corporate Mobility

When it comes to mobility, clearly it’s best to be prepared with both an interim and end-game strategy to maintain business growth and success through Brexit.

But is your organisation ready to remain agile?

K2 Can Help In the Interim & After Brexit

For mobility teams trying to navigate the Brexit period, agility will be key.

K2 has developed two service packs specifically designed to help Global Mobility teams in supporting your business; firstly in the “Interim” and secondly when preparing your organisation for the “post-Brexit” stage.

K2 Service Pack 1: Interim Brexit Global Mobility Solution

Brexit does not mean that business will stop. People still need to trade and your company must be able to exploit these opportunities. The K2 Interim Service Pack provides a combination of Advisory support and highly flexible mobility services to keep your business ahead of the competition. This gives you flexibility in the short-term, whilst your company plans for your, yet to be defined, long-term strategy.

K2 Service Pack 2: Post-Brexit Global Mobility Solution

In tangent with our Interim pack, K2 also provides a Post-Brexit Global Mobility support service to help you prepare for the point of decisive action within your company; either as a group move or otherwise. We provide Advisory support for conducting feasibility projects, policy development, setting up mobility support, pop-up services and more.

To find out more about our Brexit service packs and pricing, please contact a member of the K2 Advisory team today on +44(0)1932 849500 or message advisory@K2CorporateMobility.com