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K2 Corporate Mobility Scandinavia invites you to join us for the Swedish leg of our Global Mobility Forum Roundtables.

Being part an intercultural business team is a highly rewarding and exiting experience, but can also become somewhat of a challenging road trip. The ability to understand how and why we react, interpret, analyze and make our decisions in a certain way based on our business culture, is a valuable skill to possess in today’s global business environment.
We think all of us at some time have had interesting interactions during our vacations or business trips around the world. We are certain that we all have had situations where we later reflected over differences in how we do business, solve problems or approach and interact with others.

Register for our afternoon briefing
"Avoiding a Cultural Speed-Bump"  

When: Tuesday 12 April: 15:00-17:00
Where: Lund, Sweden

We will meet at the Lilla Hotellet at Bankgatan 7 in Lund. The event is FREE and we will serve "fika" during the event.
Please register HERE to attend, no later than the 5th of April.

How do you become "Interculturally Competent"?
Intercultural competence might be a new term, but is a commonly used one.  If mastered it is a key skill that can definitely create value for your business and help you to navigate many of the cultural obstacles on the road to success....So we really want to talk more about this subject and how we can all progress along the path to becoming Interculturally Competent People.


Are we open to change ourselves? Are we strong enough to form others? Do we have the right tools to point other people in a joint direction?

During our afternoon meeting we will talk about how we form and start up a successful project using our intercultural competence, and by using that knowledge in the right way, being able to avoid cultural speed-bumps.
What are the Cultural Speed-Bumps?

We will take a quick look at our own history and answer the following questions from a mobility perspective:

  • How do we work across cultures?

  • How do we lead across cultures?

  • How can we communicate in a more efficient way?

At K2 we just love those interactive meetings, so during the roundtable session we would like for everyone to share true life situations where we either got stuck or managed to avoiding the cultural speed-bumps.

Who should attend?
Swedish HR, Reward, Comp & Ben and Mobility, Senior Managers, Executives and C-level.

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