K2 Roundtable Singapore: Rethinking Global Mobility

Join K2 for our latest Breakfast Roundtable in Singapore where we will be taking a strategic level view of Global Mobility from the world famous Tower Club overlooking our beautiful city of Singapore.

About the K2 Roundtable

Further to the launch of the K2 eBook “Rethinking Global Mobility”, we are running a series of roundtables worldwide exploring how Global Mobility can transition from a tactical function to a strategic partner and ultimately how Global Mobility makes your international business more competitive.  

As part of our Asia Pacific series, this session will focus on ways by which the mobility function can have a seat at the table, not only in terms of resourcing strategies, but also in taking ownership of its budget.


Session 1: Evolving the Role of Talent Mobility

A discussion on practical steps mobility professionals can take to evolve their mobility function from a tactical level to become more strategically minded. We will share case studies and real life examples of strategies that have helped mobility get a seat at the table, as well as develop career growth of mobility managers.

Session 2: Taking Control of Your Mobility Budget 

Most organisations spend a lot on mobility yet key budgetary decisions made are often out of the control of Global Mobility. COO/CFO, HR Leadership and Procurement all have a key influence over mobility spend, yet lack the understanding of the value it creates, and a focus on cost is inhibiting the ability of mobility leaders to deliver the programme their business needs in order to excel. We seek to address how you can gain control of your mobility budget.

Who should attend?

If you are a Global Mobility professional, work in HR, Reward, Comp & Ben or are responsible for managing an international assignment programme then you will find this event an extremely useful.

The Tower Club
9 Raffles Place, Penthouse (62nd– 64th Floors)
Republic Plaza Tower 1
Singapore 048619


Thursday 29 September 2016 8:30am-11:30am

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