K2 Graduate Programme – Shahla’s Story

K2’s Graduate Programme provides talented young people the opportunity to gain valuable

experience in an international business.


Securing the perfect placement is not easy, especially if you are an undergraduate. Internships have

traditionally been reserved for penultimate year university students, but things are looking up as an

increasing number of companies have structured internships to give first year undergraduate

students the opportunity. For students who are able to secure a place with an employer, it is a great

way to make some money, gain experience that will help later in life and to see whether a firm or

industry is a good fit for you. This is Shahla’s story.


“When I was choosing my course I was keen to take one with a placement year in industry because I

really wanted to gain experience within a working environment. That’s something I feel employers

will look for. During my studies I was considering what kind of experience would be most valuable to

a future employer.” Says Shahla.

“While I was researching companies to join I looked at many companies and roles that I felt I’d like. I

was most interested in finding a role that would provide me with lots of opportunities to learn as

much as possible about business. For this reason, I decided not to go for the really huge

organisations and instead I looked for an SME. I liked the Global Mobility industry because I wanted

to work in an international environment and K2 appealed to me because of their business. I really

liked their culture and they had a really engaging Student Placement Programme.  When I started at

K2 I had very little knowledge of relocation or the part K2 played in the industry. Fortunately, I was

given the chance to work alongside a variety of people throughout the office, which was terrific and

enabled me to increase my knowledge and understanding. I gained an understanding of not only the

industry, but also how K2 worked as a company; I wanted to learn and understand the relocation

business environment.


“Whilst on my placement I was working as part of the customer services team, I gained new skills as

well as improving current ones. Being part of the Relocation Team is something I was familiar with

due to group assignments at University/study environment.

“I feel that after my year at K2 I am much more confident in working as part of a team and capable

of meeting critical deadlines.  I learned how to communicate in a professional manner and how to

project manage through to completion.

“I was even fortunate enough to be involved in the set-up of new processes for new and existing

clients - it was very exciting and challenging for me, and I learned how important it is to set personal

targets and prioritise your workloads in order to achieve the best customer service possible – not

only to meet customer expectations but to exceed them!


“I worked alongside a variety of people throughout the office, which I feel increased my knowledge

and understanding of the company. One more thing I really enjoyed was being involved in the new

technology project which involved working as a team to build a cloud-based system. This stretched

me enormously and helped me develop new skills that I would not normally have been exposed to.

“I also had a chance to help with planning some client events that generated leads for the business.

“On my placement year I was also required to write my dissertation, I was able to choose the topic,

so I aimed at K2 and the industry. Everyone was more than willing to assist me in any way they

could, which made completing my assignment with research, knowledge and understanding gained

that much easier.

“When I started my placement year, my main goal was to excel at my position, and to make an

impact with the work completed in order to have the possibility of being welcomed back after I


“My ambition is to eventually own my own business and my experience at K2 exposed me to all

areas of business that are essential to doing this, such as Customer Service, Finance, Operations, and

Quality Management. I could not have asked for a better placement experience than I had with K2”

says Shahla


What’s Shahla’s advice if you’re a student?

“If you are looking to take a placement year I’d recommend that you open your mind - when I

returned to university many of my friends had worked at large companies, and many of them were

surprised at the level of experience that I had gained! I’d also built my confidence – I was now good

at doing presentations which was something I used to hate! And I’ve also gained a lot of experience

of customer service and learning how to deal with customers that as a new business.”

Thank you Shahla, it was a pleasure having you with us.

“We are based in Surrey and we had been talking to several universities in the area to help develop

our graduate placement programme. Shahla joined K2 under our graduate scheme and we found

that she was a real asset to our business bringing fresh ideas and getting involved in projects. Since

then we have attracted other graduates and have continued to build out our programme based on

their feedback. Our aim is to make the experience as rewarding and engaging as possible for the

graduates that we interview and take on. The response so far has been very positive.”, explains

Linda Barnes, K2 HR Manager.


Nick Plummer, K2 CEO added; “As a corporate mobility business, we provide services that directly

support organisations nurture and develop their global talent. We want to attract and retain the

best talent in the global mobility industry and we see that attracting graduates with the calibre such

as Shahla will make us the employer brand of choice for the next generation of leaders in our multi-

billion pound industry. Our graduate programme, is part of our K2 TALENT and plays a vital role in

our overall business strategy. We hope that many more graduates choose to join K2 in the future.


Are you interested in taking a graduate placement at K2?

If so, please email us at ASPIRE@K2CorporateMobility.com or give us a call and speak to a like-

minded ambitious human.