Daddy Day Care – our own James Gill’s experience of how K2 Leads the Way in Shared Parental Leave


Recent statistics from the UK government show that only 1% of fathers have taken advantage of the UK’s shared parental leave right introduced one year ago.

So when James, K2 Senior International Client Service Consultant, became a father for the first time, he applied to take advantage of the scheme.

“James has been with us for 2 years now and we were really happy that he wanted to use his entitlement” said Phil Hunt, K2 Corporate Mobility’s UK Managing Director.  “We strongly believe in idea of building our business on core family values at K2, so we want to support our employees and their families to get the best out of their lives and achieve a healthy work life balance.”

James decided to take a month off so that his partner, who works for the Discovery Channel, could return to work to take advantage of a new career offer. When she went back to work, James then went on parental leave - or as Daddy Day Care as he calls it!

As an employer it was important that we have processes in place to ensure we are able to cover maternity leave, sickness and holidays.  We have all these elements covered as part of our K2 TALENT programme.  Having James take this time out to focus on his family was easy to arrange and demonstrates how other employers can do the same.

“By taking Shared Parental Leave, it meant that Lauren was able to get back to her career a little sooner, but most importantly I got to spend more time with my son.” Said James.

There’s anecdotal evidence that a lot of people in other organisations haven’t been applying for this initiative because they have a feeling it will jeopardise their careers. However, at K2 we encourage our employees to get involved in the scheme, with our full support.

James added “Both Lauren and I are glad that I took advantage of the shared parental leave option.  Knowing that my employer is in full support was encouraging and made things a lot easier. For any couples or fathers out there who are considering whether or not to take this benefit I would say just do it!  It makes so much sense.”

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