Ascent delivers accurate, global and instant assignment data. By focusing on quality, process and usability, K2 Corporate Mobility’s cloud based software makes data accessible and unified.

Central solution, global team.

Tracking key information

Ascent provides one central point for critical assignment data- from assignees’ key contact details and policy types to home and host business locations. Process driven assignment history pages record critical interactions, providing Global Mobility teams with one single managed solution.


Tailored labelling allows our clients to make Ascent their own, reflecting unique policy types, employee levels, business entities and addresses. 

Global quality

With two tiers of permissions and individual user IDs, Ascent facilitates global process and centralised data whilst reducing risk. 24 hour coverage and the ability to initiate, confirm and review services online encourages consistent process, across countries, teams and companies. 

Instant reporting

Analyse your global expatriate population, reporting on demographics, spend, or service status. From critical visa dates to year on year spend analysis, Ascent enables access to live data. Filters allow our clients to refine search results, manipulating data by business group, policy type, regions and dates, exporting data to excel to further refine. 

Exception tracking

Our GMS qualified client services teams will interpret, explain and enforce your policy, using Ascent to track exceptions and facilitate your future policy reviews. 

Protecting data

Hosted in physically segmented servers, Ascent’s location in a Tier One, ISO compliant facility is industry leading. Tiered user IDs protect data whilst promoting collaboration, and maintaining a full access audit trail. We’re constantly optimising and improving user experience and security, and schedule security enhancements as efficiently as possible- recording 99.9% uptime over the past two years.