With average international assignments costing on average three times an assignee’s annual salary, K2 Corporate Mobility understand the importance of accuracy when compiling your business case. We work on behalf of our clients to drive and monitor cost and invoice accuracy in each of our services.

Cost calculators

We provide and maintain a cost matrix, enabling our clients to instantly estimate shipping costs based upon their policy allowances, services and key locations.

If the assignment goes ahead, we will carry out an independent survey and gather live rates from our partner network, guaranteeing to beat the cost matrix. 

At the time of service initiation, we provide our clients with three live rate shipment packages for review, combining independent packing, freight, customs and delivery services, and managing their preferred choice of partners. 


Being independent from service partners enables us to spot check and audit service delivery against invoices. We spot check invoices, corroborating charges and surveys with actual volumes to ensure value for our clients.


Our case management technology, Ascent, consolidates all assignment costs in to an accurate and instantly accessible report, allowing clients to monitor the accuracy of our invoices against quotation.


From the outset, our client services representatives strive to understand and manage both our clients’ and assignees’ expectations. We ensure that our conversations and surveys gather the smallest requirements, ensuring both services and costs are accurate. Our three-package ‘bid summary’ approach reflects all costs, with no ‘hidden charges’.