International Assignments, Policy Benchmarking in the legal sector

In April 2015, K2 Corporate Mobility completed our first impartial review of the legal industry’s mobility policies and practices. 

The data was compiled in consultation with 11 global law firms, each with large operations in EMEA and Asia, and provided participants with:

  • Insights in to a strategic approach to global mobility
  • Guidance on the benefits of differing policy by level
  • A benchmark for their own relocation packages

Thoughts behind the roundtable

As the mainstream markets crash, employers turn to emerging markets to drive business. Together with an increased focus on cost, and a heightened regulatory environment, the mobility landscape is changing.

Mobility functions are adopting a more strategic approach, with less focus on the transactional elements and more alignment with overall HR and business values. 


The findings

The results of the benchmarking exercise were presented and discussed in a roundtable format at the London head office of a leading international law firm on the 9th April 2015. Led by Richard Rutledge and K2 Corporate Mobility’s Advisory team, a panel of participants analysed the mobility findings- from hardship locations and policy level terminology, to best practice and key issues affecting the legal sector.

The success of this initiative could not have been achieved cooperation of the participants whom we thank wholeheartedly.

Find out more...

If you would like to participate in future benchmarking reviews or roundtable events, or would like more information about the 2015 Legal Benchmarking exercise, subject an enquiry here. The success of the format and review will lead to further projects both for the legal industry and other business sectors.


IMAGE RIGHTS: K2 Corporate Mobility (2014). Paperwork.