Environmental Management ISO 14001

ISO 14001, Environmental Management, K2 Corporate Mobility

Businesses now work in an international environment, unperturbed by distance or borders. With access to shipping containers and air travel, the past century has transformed both our individual outlooks and environmental legacy.

In our role as a mobility consultancy, K2 Corporate Mobility play a part helping a huge network of clients, partners, and employees maximise mobility whilst managing their individual environmental goals. 

Promoting good environmental practice

K2 Corporate Mobility’s Environmental Policy aims to reduce our environmental impact, setting out targets and objectives for each year. Our environmental management system is certified as ISO 14001:2004, recognising that we implement our Environmental Policy throughout the business.

Areas which we have targeted for constant improvement are:

Carbon footprint

Where possible, our teams travel by public transport, and choose fuel efficient vehicles. In the UK, the Cycle to Work scheme both reduces carbon emissions and allows us to train for charity bike rides.
Our global teams hold Webex seminars to optimise training and communication between offices, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of our directors.

Energy awareness

We monitor and manage the energy which is used in our UK headquarters- you will never find a deserted desk with a blazing screen, or lonely lightbulb in an empty room. Our UK HQ is designed to maximise energy efficiency, and we monitor and reduce the amount of gas, electricity and water user in our buildings. This ethos runs throughout the company, from CEO through to administrator.

Waste reduction

Educating our teams to the impact of disposable materials has led to a reduction in paper consumption of 90% (2014). We recycle and repair wherever possible- including non-confidential electronic equipment, and use sustainable services for refuse collection and cleaning.

Selective purchasing

By choosing energy efficient appliances and office equipment, we can reduce waste and our carbon footprint. Wherever possible we choose environmentally friendly supplies- locally sourced, and minimising packaging. 


About the author: Linda Phillips, K2 Corporate Mobility
Author: Linda Phillips is Office Manager at K2 Corporate Mobility’s UK headquarters, and spearheads our Green Team for environmental improvement. Linda’s work to introduce and implement environmental management in our UK HQ has resulted in our accreditation with ISO 14001.