Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards

We do extraordinary, every day

The Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards (EMMA’s) were founded by the Forum for Expatriate Management- to recognise talent within Global Mobility. The regional awards are categorised by skill set, and K2 Corporate Mobility are delighted to be nominated in partnership with Herbert Smith Freehills- for the category of ’Best Vendor Partnership’.

Case study: Working in partnership

Choosing the right supplier can be an unenviable task. Lengthily procurement processes, a business focus on price and sluggish regional buy in can all challenge Mobility professionals. Getting it right counts.

Understanding the importance of consistent service delivery, from initial pitch to 20,000th relocation has allowed K2 Corporate Mobility to remain Herbert Smith Freehills’ preferred partner of choice for over 11 years. 

63% of our clients remain customers 10 years later

Guiding principles

Principles which have helped to shape our relationship with HSF include:

•    Face to face visits: listening to, understanding, and building confidence between our and HSF’s mobility stakeholders bolsters our global relationship. We’re not illusive- accountability is key.

•    Using specialist knowledge: utilising our global footprint we conduct feasibility studies on behalf of our client, focusing on their emerging markets, and applying understanding of our client’s culture and policies.

•    Delivering value: advising and contributing to policy reviews, we provide an opinion which can be trusted. We’re not scared to commit to our views, and aim to support HSF in a consistent approach to their global policies. Implementing cost matrixes ensured that the HSF team could provide accurate cost projections, and establish clear cost controls through our partner network. 


Key to our success is the exceptional understanding that exists between K2 Corporate Mobility and HSF. Whilst we endeavour to make the roles and lives of the International Mobility team easier we appreciate that we are only able to do so due to the support, insight and trust that they have given us.

The open communication, innovative cost solutions and across the board support has dramatically increased our skillset, positively impacting our service offering, approach to relationship management and how we work in partnership with our portfolio of clients.


About the author: Phil Hunt, K2 Corporate Mobility
Author: Phil Hunt is Managing Director of K2 Corporate Mobility’s UK Headquarters, and lead relationship manager for Herbert Smith Freehills. Phil has worked with HSF to deliver service excellence and value throughout mobility services.