Creating an animation: Short Term Mobility Shipments

In August 2014, K2 Corporate Mobility commissioned a short animation, to highlight the great work carried out by our regional teams. After several weeks of drafting and proofing, we're proud to launch our showcase story, explaining our Short Term Mobility Service and introducing our people behind the video.

K2 Corporate Mobility’s Short Term Mobility Shipments (STMS) are a cost effective alternative to excess baggage, designed for assignees undertaking Short Term Assignments. Usually air shipments of 40 to 100 kgs, the STMS option expedites the rotation of graduates or trainee employees between posts. Often undertaken for group moves or short term secondments, the scalable service ensures reliable cost estimates, fast and efficient turnaround, and a reduced environmental impact. Read more here


Watch the animation: Short Term Mobility Shipments


The story behind the animation: Meet the team

Samantha Croal

Based in Singapore, I collate a rates matrix for our clients, containing costs and controlling policy allowances. I communicate with Assignees to ensure that they understand their repatriation process, and can make the most of their secondment.
Samantha Croal, K2 Corporate Mobility

Katie Cooper

My role, for a Fortune 500 banking giant, ensures that K2 Corporate Mobility's partners across the Americas deliver effects to assignees within a strict 10 day turnaround time, whilst utilising our environmentally friendly Blue Boxes.
Katie Cooper, K2 Corporate Mobility