Update - 15/08/17 Big Kili Klimb

Update - 15/08/17 - We’ve Reached 13% of Our Donations Goal - With 3 Months To Go!

With 3 months, to go until our Kili climb begins, we’re proud to have reached 13% of our total £20,000 donations goal!

Counting down to climb day on the 15th of November, so far we’ve raised £2,640.93 for the Rainbow Trust children's charity, a charity that provides emotional and practical support for the families of children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

A huge, huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the climb so far!

Of course we’re not stopping there!

With 92 days to go, we still need to raise £17,359.07 - but with your help we can get there.

To support the cause and donate, please visit the K2 JustGiving page. Any donations, no matter the size are greatly appreciated - and will go to a truly worthy cause.


Update - 10/08/17 - Does Our Middle East & Africa Director, Richard Nunes, Have A Kili Advantage?

Already experienced in hiking through African terrains, Richard Nunes, K2’s Director for the Middle East and Africa arguably has an advantage over the rest of the Kili Team!

Speaking about his plan for tackling Kilimanjaro, Richard detailed his preparations so far:

“So far, my training has mostly centered around surf, ski and pilates, though I recently spent some time hiking in Namibia with the kids.

For me, it’s slow but steady progress; I have a cracked kneecap and no cartilage in my right knee, so it’s not a good idea to jump in with high impact training. Of course, I’m not going to let that stop me! If anything, the only thing slowing me down is kit - I’m currently waiting for my Lowa Renagade boots to arrive from the UK as they don’t sell size 15 in South Africa!”

With a few months to go before the big event in November, we’re sure Richard will have his boots in time!

To support the cause and donate, please visit the K2 JustGiving page. 

Update - 02/08/17 - Nick Riley Reveals His Kili Training Schedule So Far…

What does it take to prepare for a K2 climb? For Nick Riley, K2 Finance Director, athletic preparations are well underway!

Revealing his new energetic routine, Nick explains how he’s preparing for Kilimanjaro:

“Since joining the K2 Big Kili Klimb team, I’ve really focussed on improving my routine. At the moment, my usual schedule involves:

  • Football twice a week (though I now avoid the pub afterwards!)
  • A lot more walking - I recently got my kids a dog and as a result, my weekly Fitbit steps have increased from 45,000 to nearly 130,000!
  • Additionally I aim to go walking at St. Anne’s Hill in Chertsey as often as possible – though it’s only about 300ft, it’s a great starter hill.


The routine does seem to be doing some good - I’ve already shed over 3kg through training. Finally, I’ve also managed to break in my new North Face boots - so hopefully blisters will be minimal during the climb itself!”

Impressive stuff - we look forward to hearing more about how others in the team are preparing!

To find out more about the climb, or to contribute sponsorship and support the team, you can read more on their JustGiving page.

Update - 26/7/17 - Nick Plummer on the Drivers Behind K2’s Climb For the Rainbow Trust

What made K2 decide to tackle Kilimanjaro? Below, K2’s CEO (and Kili climber) Nick Plummer reveals the motivations behind the climb and details some of K2’s long-standing history of charity work:


“The idea to climb Kili came as a result of wanting to raise money for the children’s charity Rainbow Trust, something we’ve supported at K2 for some time now.

When K2 was a much smaller company, members of the team were doing a lot of things to support charities and hospice organisations. We were doing things such as helping out with serving Christmas meals, purchasing equipment for local youth sports teams, sponsored cycle rides and lots more. Each year we have been getting more organised and more adventurous.

In 2013, our Senior VP of the US, Phil Hunt, and a team cycled from London to Paris, last year Richard Rutledge climbed the Three Peaks, so for this year we really wanted to do something big and involving employees from across our offices.

We mulled over a few ideas, including swimming the Channel and even trekking to the North Pole! Needless to say we settled on something that would be a real challenge for a team of mixed abilities, and something that we could undertake as a global team. So when one of the team suggested Kilimanjaro it felt right. It also fits nicely with the great work that Richard Nunes has been doing in Africa.  

Personally, it is going to be a real challenge for me, as I have never really tried anything like this before. I’m super excited and this is definitely something outside my comfort zone. So thank you to the team and a massive thank you to everyone who has donated and shown your support.”  


To find out more about the climb, or to contribute sponsorship and support the team, you can read more on their JustGiving page.

Update - 17/7/17 - Training Begins For Our Swedish Team Members

It’s not just the UK team who are working hard on their Kili training. Proving what the rest of our team can do, Lisa Vikland, K2 MD for Scandinavia, began her training with a 20km walk up Romelåsen in Skåne, Sweden, joined by colleagues Carl Sundstrom and Gina Anderhov.  

Ready for adventure, here are Lisa’s thoughts on the upcoming climb:

“When I received the call from Nick there was no hesitation in accepting the challenge. What an opportunity! What an adventure!

Having had my years of snowboarding, diving, “legging it” down active volcanoes as they erupt (perhaps I should have thought that one through a bit better!), the past ten have been pretty calm and with 2 young kids I had put that part of my life behind me.

Being a self-proclaimed city gal, I’m not usually the one to instigate a camping trip, but on the other hand I’ve never turned down the chance of discovering something new.

Scaling Kili will be a huge physical and psychological challenge for me and I look forward to reaching the summit.

With a wonderfully supportive team in Sweden my training has now started!

Out with the Manolo’s and in with the Meindl’s!”

We look forward to hearing more!

Pictures from 20 km walk up Romelåsen in Skåne, Sweden

Lisa joined by her office colleagues - (L to R) Carl Sundstrom, Lisa Viklund and Gina Anderhov.





Kilimanjaro Training Starts To Get Competitive At K2

For members of the K2 team, an average day at work may involve some added adventure!

Currently preparing for K2’s ’Big Klimb’ trek up Kilimanjaro (scheduled for November 2017), three members of our trek team have kicked off their training with a hike up Box Hill, Surrey.


big kili klimb teamA new way to hold regional meetings...

Over the course of a June afternoon, our FD Nick Riley (front), CEO Nick Plummer (behind) and Lisa Viklund, Managing Director for Scandinavia (back) raced ahead of our other K2 team members by scaling the summit of Box Hill’s 224m height.

While they’re a few meters shy of Kilimanjaro’s impressive 5895m (which will take 6 days and 5 nights to complete - the equivalent of climbing Box Hill another 26 times), it’s early days yet. We will be posting more stories on this page as the team progress in their training.

We’re looking to see what the rest of the Kilimanjaro Challenge team at K2 are doing around the world!


big kili klimb box hillWhy Kilimanjaro?

The Big Klimb is taking place to raise money for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, a charity that provides emotional and practical support for the families of children with life-threatening or terminal illnesses.

The team hopes to raise a goal of £20,000. Any sponsorship donations can be made via their JustGiving page and would be greatly appreciated.

Meet all the members of K2’s Kilimanjaro Challenge team

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